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This year, the best poems featured on this blog will be compiled and published in a single poetry book and the proceeds from sold copies shall be donated to charity within Africa.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This here, this year is how it goes.

I flow to feel my soul. I flow to ease my blow. It aint my fault, I can't hit pause, this pot just over flowed.
I kick to score a goal, I work to make that dow. I cook to fill my bowl; but NO! I wont lick your floor.
My mommy told me so, said girl peak up your toe, the game is on its all full play, what team are you on now?
Thinking all to myself...I can't give up now, I saw the light-I hear the cheers 'cause now Gods on my side.
More of all this, More of all that, pick-up that book, where is that pen? I have to start them notes.
This year I take no straw, this time no narrow road; its all straight-up, its all chin-up, my enemies hit the floor!
This won't be a little boom, this aint no children's war, It's varsity I tell you; no honey around this park. U'll be swung from left than swung to right than spitted out like goar!
Copyright (c) (2009) CLK PHAKEDI All rights reserved

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



The loneliness kills me.

Monday, July 27, 2009


My soul sings a song,
Sweeter than honey, brighter than the sun
and smoother than silk.
it is not for others to listen,
but for my heart to rejoice in.
It can be shared,
And though it must end,
the heart tries to hold on to it
It satisfies the body,
And makes the eyes glow like the fire that burns within the sun.
It runs deeper than the oceans of this earth,
And though my soul sings ,
God dictates,
and my heart writes,
The song remains happiness.


There is a star shinning so bright,

A symbol of the joy to come.

A new beginning for every man.

The star that shines in our hearts,

A door to a new beginning for all.

A journey to search out a star

The light of God to shine on us.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my ipod's on loud...

in the dark
in the silence
shit comes back to me
rejection, attempted over compensation
drama, hurt, scars
black outs at vague bars

in the dark
in the silence
shit comes back to me
cute bar tenders
different coloured drinks
things i did after johnnie, jack and jose
herb smoked
dirty minds
dirty jokes
dirty dances
dirty everything

in the dark
in the silence
shit comes back to me
there's too many Damn thoughts
about what i have and haven't done
about being alone for two years and some
about hating my reflection in the mirror
about how the hell he could still be with her
about religion, spirituality, life and mortality

in the dark
in the silence
shit comes back to me
Stupid voices in my head
constantly telling me i'm a mess
right now... I couldn't care less
that's why my iPod's on loud
so i don't hear a thing
when the voices start to shout

Friday, July 17, 2009


Your ability to make your mark
You look above, find your spot and set away
Through paths near or far and ways big or small
You never seem to stop even for a break.
You can't be touched, even though they may try
You can't be felt, even though they would like to
But what they can do is smell your presence
And watch you rise to the top.
I would like to meet you, be lik you...
Not tomorrow or the day after but right this moment
I could my hero, I admire you alot
You always seem to find your way with ease.
Never heard any noise from you, not even a scream
You as silent as a falling feather; as light as snow
I'm begining to wonder...could you have been a model before...?
You are on the cat walk to the top of-cause.
Please don't be alarmed, I am not a stalker
All I do is follow you with my eyes...
Guess I should have atleast introduced myself
Hello SMOKE, my name is Linda...I am a fan.
Copyright (c) (2009) CLK PHAKEDI All rights reserved

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Africa's path

This path has become so easy to travel, The corners printed at the tip of my brain. Head straight to meet up sorrow street, turn right at the second corner and catch sad road. When you reach it, right on your left is poor avenue.
Yet the streets do not tell the whole story. I am not defined by the path I travel. I have hope as wide as a swallow's wings. MY eyes as sharp as those of an eagle. I keep focus on the kill, vision on my dream.
From sun set to sun rise, I continue the hunt. My heart races faster than a hungry cheetah. I overcome every sharp turn and come out clean. Without noticing the blood running from my eyes, I rush towards you like the stallion I am.
I am not only a jungle but I live in the jungle. The inside of my body lies the souls of my people. My flesh is the dust I lift at gunshot. The pain that falls upon me washes the sweat away, I am always on the set to take off.
As Africa and as African, the journey never ends.
Copyright (c) (2009) CLK PHAKEDI All rights reserved

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Listen Not to Them

We march forward,
Edging nearer enemy boots,
In no way am I
Ready to meet my end.

Listen not to them,
Do not look on them
With your eye of pity
For it is You that knows,
That in their nihilistic prayers,
They beg for our unjust death.

Listen not to them.
But to me, and my comrades.
It is us who fight for a nobler cause.
It is not us who started this bloodbath,
But as soldiers of sworn duty,
We are bound by the patriotic chore.

If you must hear them,
Let it be with only one ear,
So that at the fold of this day,
Our ranks shall still stand,
And it is not our blood,
That will bathe this land.

© I K Nakueira