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This year, the best poems featured on this blog will be compiled and published in a single poetry book and the proceeds from sold copies shall be donated to charity within Africa.

This is a project for charity, get involved, join as a poet, tell friends, post comments, follow this blog,…take a step to solving the problems in your society….if you believe that Africa is not as it should be, join Poetik Flavor, the journey begins here!

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Being a charity project, poets will not be paid for any of their works published in the final edited collection. Poets with works appearing will however be credited for their work and, of course, receive at least one copy of the final publication. No poems will be reprinted without the permission of the poet. More info about the final publication will be layed out at the appropriate time. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Photograph

Looking at this photograph,
That we took in happier times,
I see our blissful faces,
With smiles dancing in our eyes.
My jealous arms holding you close
Like they would never let go.

A sadness surges through,
My wounded heart,
As I remember the promises
We made to each other,
And how it hurt so much
To break them.


A tear of joy glides
Folding my long face,
Into one humble smile.
Bright tender memories
Of the precious times we shared,
Find a way into my gloomy thoughts,
And I am only left with one conviction,…

Looking at this photograph,
I know,
Though time has thrown us apart
And different dreams have taken us
To different places,
There will always be a part of me
Ready to forgive…
….and Love you

© I K Nakueira

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Before I Even Knew

Before i even knew,
My heart charmingly grew.
I blinked your way
As you slunk away.
Like an irresistible temptress,
You robbed my heart from its hidden fortress.

Before I even Knew
My life flared anew.
I could not resist love anymore,
My gullible passions floated back ashore
And in our ears we were hissing,
Then we were kissing,
We made love and it grew a new definition,
Our own, filled with tense unseen emotion.

Before I even Knew
My lips were wet with morning dew!
The lonely soldier in real life I woke,
And now I know, love is a never-ending joke.

© I K Nakueira

Friday, December 19, 2008

Valiant Affection

For many shy-full days,
I have stolen eyefuls
Of your curvaceous body,
You still fail to notice me,
Despite tireless efforts in all ways.

I have at many times,
Desired to be an inch away from you
And pour my heart into yours
But my knees give way at my first step…
…Towards your angelic beauty

As I stand with you on this sunset,
Please, do not be upset,
My bravery to be this near,
Is not an absence of fear
But only a persistent desire,
To be next to an irresistible fire.

And if, as I most surely expect,
You do find me not appealing,
Do not bark shameful insults
Be kind, give back a smile,
A token for my fruitless courage,

So that the shy peeping eye
May not,… may not see,
My heartbreaking humiliation.

© I K Nakueira

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Widowed Bride

Now that the price is met,
The masculine voice shall not be upset.
Am bound by the bridal duty,
And must soonest accept
The man whose name I know barely.

I must obey father.
Sadly, I feel more lonely now than ever,
My heart longs for another.
My soul mate and caring lover
In whose eyes I am priceless,
Who will cherish me, as a princess.

I lay here, crying each night,
Hoping, that somehow you will hear,
That you will come steer my pain clear
I still wait, but you are not yet in sight.
You are more dear to me,
Than the man father gives my hand,
You reside in my heart and mind,
It is such a shame,
You do not exist outside them.

© I K Nakueira