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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love's Devine

He kissed me goodbye,
my life along.
Holding my dripping heart in his hands
Dripping red from the blood of my heart,
Give up he said,
Love is not worth it,
you are better off without it
With tears in my eyes,
I grabbed it back,
bruised and batterd
It lay in my hands
For i would rather feel hurt,
than feel nothing at all,
only to the pleasure that is life

The Trees

In the school i was,
There lived two trees
Lovers of their lives,
and each other
They caressed their leaves,
in the courtship dance of the wind.
Leaning to each, and yet,
too shy to talk
the language of love
Pulled together by attraction,
too strong to resist.
The wind , conspirator to their love.
Pushing for their branches to touch,
First tentatively, then boldly
as lovers meeting by night,
making promises never to part

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Room Full Of Spanish Man

There they stood in the most appealing essence
Lik mere cats basking in the sun, they conveyed presence of regal poise.
They wore suits of all kinds; alluding to their gallant nature and sense of style.
The smell of their opulent cigars left me enticed to their saccharine Spanish tongues.
I could smell the scent of their expensive cologne as they gait across the room with the posture of a tango dancer.
I took an attentive look at a few but only one turned my heart into a pulp and my mind barren.
Gestures offered by his aura facincted me.
His opulent and prominent affiliation magnified the valiant image he portrays.
Our eyes locked then he came towards me with that swayed walk.
I gazed away not to reveal how his presence enthused me.
"Armando Duran, ¿puede me da siéntese"
I looked at him with utter confusion.
He pointed at the chair next to me and then I understood what he meant, so I replied; "Yes, Yes..."
My heart exceeded its normal speed; this was fatal attraction.
I could make conversation but where would I start, I knew not a word of Spanish.
He held out his hand for mine, "¿cómo te llamas...Your name...?"
"Oh! Ha-ha! (smile) Linda...Linda Phakedi."
Attemptin to pronounce my surname, I politely averted the conversation.
"Spain...? Are you from Spain?"
"No...No er; Argentina.
"We continued onto a troutous but interesting dialogue until it was almost break of dawn.
He even taught me how to do the Flamingo Tango;
I always had a certain thrill for ballroom.
Never had I imagined I'd one day be lead across a dance floor by a Spanish man.
En Un sitio para lleno o de español mano.
(A room full of Spanish men).

Copyrights(c). (2009)CLK PHAKEDI. All Rights Reserved.

My Revelution

Change, grow and evolve...revolutionize yourself.
Place yourself into a new beginning, like nature; turn out the inner most beauty of your being and lik the fresh tranquility of dawn and pleasant mood of dusk;
plot the scene of life.
As your mind starts to open up to this change, Place yourself into your state of mind; meditate and have a conversation with your heart.
Listen to your conscious and unleash emotions that articulate the essence of your soul;
discover the presence of that delicate peace that dwells within you.
Contemplate the presence of that which is at the depth of yr heart.
Rediscover the roots of yr complex infinite self, your immortal soul inside of you.
Find the hidden forte of yr mind; the lustrous infant matter that idiosyncratically defines how you came about into form.
That is yr moment; appreciate it, embark on a journey of adventure.
Your state of mind goes into a completely new domain.
You hav taken a diminutive step back in life, a minute moment to place yourself into that quiet place.
A place with pleasure beyond words, a place only u can explore.
Now that you hav found the door that leads to a complacent place, a place that defines you.
You should enjoy the comfort and bliss of your peace of mind, your place of sincerity.
Be at peace, this is yr revolution.

Copyrights(c).(2009)CLK PHAKEDI.All Rights Reserved.

All Because Of Love

At first acquaintance
Our eyes and minds absorbed only what was attractive at the time
All that was around us became minute
All I found attractive about you gave me chills I can not describe
You where not a sight for sore eyes, but my heart skipped a beat for you anyway
You became an assignment, this fish I'd hook and pull no matter the storm
If I was asked, yes! I'd answer...He is mine
All of me grabbed onto your every word
I was taken to a land not so far away but definately unknown
You raided my day dreams, broke the wall to my sweet dreams and by morning my heart was no were to be found
My rod began to wiggle and I got up to take my catch, no questions asked
I thought I had it!
Assignment complete and passed with flying colours,
Funny how WE just flew like those colours
Suddenly too busy to even look at me like you used to
Something had changed, my fish I had spiced and tendered with love gave me a tummy ache
It was not my hook I spotted in your mouth
Someone stole what I thought was mine
You let her put her hand through the very wall you broke, you exposed my heart to a reptile
You kissed me with lies and thought I'd turn blind
I was poisoned with hate for your kind
Those many fish in the sea now all had a similar taste,
I would never touch another if it was the last thing I did
I hated the faint sight and smell of fish
I never wanted to see you again
Soon I ate my words letter for letter
Fell in love again!
Now astrology was my thing
I spotted myself a handsome star and when it falls
I will be there for the catch.

Copyrights(c).(2009). CLK PHAKEDI. All Rights Reserved.

My mirror Speaks

Every morning I have a conversation with my mirror,
but questions I pose remain unanswered.
Day after day I ask: "Am I beautiful?"
"DO I look good?"
"Is my smile beyond words?"

For a moment there I thought it replied back.
That was actually my conscious,
the angel that God sent to me.

She said beauty is what is inside...
but still my questions remain unanswered.
"Am I beautiful?"
"Do I look good?"
"Is my smile beyond words?"

I asked more questions, this time I asked politely;
"Mirror Mirror, charming and clear, please answer me here"
"What do I possess that makes me unique?"
"Do I have the ability to fulfill my worth on earth?"
"Who loves me more than I love myself?"

A light appeared before me,
I had never in my life seen anything so bright and when it spoke,
I got the fright of my life.

It said;
"GIRL! u sexy,
mighty fine-looking-self had better get me some shades cos dat smile sure is bright."
"and wat is dt 'moosh-mosh' al bout?
Only u gots de answers 2 those questions!"

Something surely knocked me about! I said it all at one go...I AM WHAT I AM AND REMAIN WHO I AM FOR THAT IS WHAT I AM!

Copyrights(c).(2009)CLK PHAKEDI. All Rights Reserved.

Mommy's boy

I sit back and stare at you while you not looking,
this takes me back to were we come from,
how blessed I am to have you in my life.
I stil don't know how I raised u on my own,
now look at u, how far you have come.
I wish yr father was here 2 share this view,
your handsome bright eyes look just lik his.
It hurt me to see u grow up witout him,
at first I thought I would not be able to do it alone,
it is not easy teaching a boy how to be a man,
I really had pretty big shoes to fill.
When I saw your friends with their fathers in the park,
I'd look at yr face and wonder how I'd start to explain,
hoping u would never think it was your fault...
Lookin at it all, I would rather tell u about the birds and the bees.
I'd often hear u tell your friends your father is in your heart and not gone,
it did not really suprise me,
I could see it too.
You a man now my son,
I did my best and hope you do the rest.
Go out to the world and begin to run that race,
I wil always be your mother, whenever u need me.
You may not be protected like u were in my womb but you know what they say 'A WOMAN HOLDS THE KNIFE AT THE SHARP END'. I love u my boy!

Copyrights(c).(2009)CLK PHAKEDI.All Rights Reserved.

Thought I'd find my way

Assemble yourself,
hurry bcos time waits for no man.
On yr mark, get set and ready to walk out the door.
Find your place in the world, find your feet on the ground.
Mommy's tears fall to the floor,
Daddy smiles at his boy.
Another family soldier goes to war, the struggle continues to get by in this world. The rooster starts the day,
The alarm breaks away.
I am not used to this...getting up to another day.
Many things to do, too little time, and today it seems the minutes are even less. Lord please help me get by through this day.
Driving through the fast lane,
had no time to break the fast,
guess I will have a black-one just to get by today.
Adrenalin pumps away,
I am just about to tell the boss 'FOOL GET OUT MY WAY!'
Than it hits me!...who pays that way...?
Back in my NOT so humble home,
it is tough in the nine-to-five.
Damn! Mommy I am coming home,
I jus cant make it on my own.
Now I see sucking on your breast was far better than this bottle of booz...
Besides...Im just a five year old who thought he could make it on his own.

Copyrights(c).(2009)CLK PHAKEDI.All Rights Reserved.

How the poor got rich

Madam I seek a job.
Five kids and a husband who just lost his job.
I have enough strength to grab the sharp end of a knife with my bare hand, help me feed my family like a woman should.

What is your name and how qualified are you?

Lyna is my name madam,
I am good at everything too.
An hour with the washing and ironing,
a minute with the cleanin and just under a second to feed yr kids.
Well Lyna,

You are hired!

Thank you-Thank you madam.
You will not regret it at all...I WIL START NOW.

The next day...
Madam; your clothes are all neat and tidy,
your house is spick n span and your kids are not to cry again.
My job is done for 2day.

5 seconds after:

Lyna...Where are my clothes?
Where is my furniture? AND LYNA...
Where are my child?

Lyna answers:
I forgot 2 mention...
Im related to Robin Hood...


So your clothes look better on the poor,
your furniture makes the best fire wood
and your kids need more attention than those nails...OH! n madam,
one more thing...
So thank u madam for being so giving,
May the good Lord bless your kind heart.

Copyrights(c).(2009)CLK PHAKEDI.All Rights Reserved.

Travels of a Refugee

Its nt too far nw. Just another step 2 go,
Its nt too far nw, I am almost there. Rocks tickle on my feet,
Thorns massage my aching feet, The pain warms up my ankles, The hot sand between my toes. Tip-toe...
left-right just missed a mine.
Memories of father's execution, another blast not too far away.
The enemy is catching up nw,
I have to get away. Its nt too far nw.
Just one more boarder to cross. Its not too far nw, Im almost there.
GOD give me strength,
Im now far from home.
New faces before my eyes,
a new place I call home...
I made it here not too long ago,
some how relieved...
Hope i pray i never have to feel that heat.

Copyrights (c.)(2009)CLK PHAKEDI.All Rights Reserved.

Women on the move

Its that time again.
That time that is all bout me.
Now I may not be able to change de world, but I have the power to change my world.
I hold the most important of treasures in my hand. I have complete control of my life.
Come storm, come quake, come heat come drought, I will keep doing what mama taught me, de way mama taught me.
A verbal lesson, a visual lesson what I learned was a vital lesson.
I know my alphabet; vitamin A B C...; I know my counting half-past 1 2 3...and I now know this is my time!
When troubles come may way,
I will toss my life to de heavens and grab that knife at the sharpest end. By de time my life comes down again, I will have whipped the mist away from my eyes.
I will hold on to my life and I will start moving again. Il keep moving on because the light is ahead of me and not behind me.
I will run to my dream and not watch it move further away. I will not keep driving in the fast lane because its not about when you get there but how you get there.
Even if I stumble or fall. I will not crack or crawl. It is my move, thats how I walk. Im a woman on the move.
But one thing I know, I want to get there because it is my time to move. It is my mission.
It is my game.
At the end of it all, it wil be my success on the role.

Copyright(c).(2009) CLK PHAKEDI. All Rights Reserved.

Hobo's day

He opens his eyes to the light of a new day. Looks above his head, already there is a fire brewing. Gathers his bread and butter to set into the city.

The rising sun tells a new tale. The birds in the sky are singing a new song. Yesterday's news is today's stale bread.

He breaks into the winter breez yet again. Heads to Maitland street for his only meal. When the tower cries, he wil depart again.

He knows the streets as well as its produce. There is not a fly that goes by without his knowledge. It's as though the town is his narration.

Ask him how the baby got into the rubbish bin. Ask him how 'the lady of the night' lost her head. Ask him how the man in the black car drove into a tree.

His mansion is barren yet again. The birds prepare to end the day. This is his que to set his tent all over again.

He lays himself next to the brewing fire. Looks to the sky in prayer and cuddles his belongings like a child does his toy.

Copyright(c).(2009)CLK PHAKEDI. All Rights Reserved.

Beat The Bullet

I would not do as they asked,
I refused to continue being oppressed.
They gave me a count till three...
I tried to run, but I couldn't beat the bullet.
He told me to get out of my car,
He told me to hand over my keys,
I was just reaching for the seat belt...
He blew a hole into my neck, I couldn't beat the bullet.
I could no longer live a lie,
I couldn't bare to see my children cry,
I turned to reach for my bags...
He ended all our lives, I couldn't beat the bullet.
On my way to bed, ready to end my day.
I had just lay my kids to bed, men in black masks broke down my door...
The alarm was just a step away, but I couldn't beat the bullet.
I usually keep it in the safe,
I was going to put it away, He shot his sister in the chest.
She would be breathing today, but I couldn't beat the bullet.
They came to fight the crime, They came to revive the money.
She had just started saying ''mama''.
It wouldn't have gone straight through her head...
if I had just beat the bullet.
I loved her so much, I would do anything for her.
I promised her the world, I said I would even take it for her,
but I wouldn't beat the bullet.
They were out for revenge,
They were ready to kill!
They put me to my knees and the gun to my head.
I begged and pleaded with them, but not even that could beat the bullet.
Tossing and turning all night long.
Ranting and raving in my mind.
It was more than a nightmare,
something I could not explain.
Woke up in terror but happy I was still alive...
even though I STILL couldn't beat the bullet.