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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lantern Poetry Recital, Hats off.

If you weren't at the National theatre last evening (Friday 30th Jan) you trully missed a free treat to a new style in poetry recital. I feel so blessed to have been there, seeing young energetic Ugandan youth recite their own poems with a twist of expression and acting to the very best. I cant entirely describe this talent to somone who hasn't witnessed it but you beta know, it was trully captivating and echanting.
My best Poem of the day was 'Come'. I must say as a fellow poet, i was challenged by the talent on stage and i was inspired to write more, with a few borrowed styles ofcourse. The lantern Poetry Meet is bedazzling, and i can assure you these guys are good, they will become famous, no doubt, and when they do always remember, yall heard it here first! I'll be fishing for more in4 about the Lantern Meet n passing it on, so u and I can get familiar n won't miss their next events. Hats off guys! by the way am joining the group.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama's Inauguration, A slice of poetry.

History was made as the first African- american President of the United States of America took his oath. I was glued to the screen as i anxiously waited for the final moment, hoping that somehow this guy will survive an assasination and guess what?, he did! The best parts of the ceremony were undoubtedly the speeches that were all filled with poetry, imagery, and strong diction.

The recital of "Praise Song for The Day" by poet Elizabeth Alexander was one of the moments i was looking foward to, i must say the poem is beautiful but she didnt do it any justice by her recital as she put emphasis on each word which killed the rhyme and ultimately made the poem sound like a speech, it was even hard to know the poem had ended when she read the last line.

Yeah, Obama's speech was strong and inspirational but for me the speech of the day was Reverand Joseph Lowery's prayer that was filled with an unrivalled poetic flavor that got him a standing ovation at the end, i have watched this speech seven times now and i cant get enough. It was the speech of the day, period. May all those who concur say Amen, say Amen, and Amen.

I K Nakueira

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Candle of Life

Mould in wax,
The wick is my heart
My breath lies in the flame.
For my duties I do not tax,
But the weak minded I may hurt
And remain not to blame.
Like man,
Time is no friend of mine
Every second, to my end, I burn.

© I K Nakueira

Friday, January 09, 2009

Wealth Of A Beggar

Sitting by the busy roadside,
Eyes shut in exhaustion
Drained by the sight of wealth
In moving vehicles,
Her frail feeble arms stroll open
Stretched for any pitiful penny.

Her breasts clutch onto her bony chest,
In irrevocable misery
Deep cracks of poverty
Embellish plight on her lips

By her side,
Plays the beggar baby, crawling
Smiling, unaware of the stench of sadness
Its emaciated mother gives off

A sudden shudder!
The sound of screeching brakes,…
Open her dulled eyes
A body sunk in young blood.
Death of the beggar baby,
Punctuates the beggar’s wealth.

© I K Nakueira

Sunday, January 04, 2009

African Reunion

Dear ma,
I have not let the tears,
Drown the smiles of past years
I cannot hold them back, so they roll
But they will not reside,
In the shadows on my face

Dear mama,
Seven months have made me older,
The night owl feels much colder
But it is only time that keeps us apart,
The thud of merciless boots,
Stills echoes,
Shuddering my sleepless nights

Dear mother,
There is no where else to hide.
The butchers will call soon,
Smudged soils shall soak in my blood
So soon,
I will be with you again mother,
So soon.

© I K Nakueira