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This year, the best poems featured on this blog will be compiled and published in a single poetry book and the proceeds from sold copies shall be donated to charity within Africa.

This is a project for charity, get involved, join as a poet, tell friends, post comments, follow this blog,…take a step to solving the problems in your society….if you believe that Africa is not as it should be, join Poetik Flavor, the journey begins here!

To join as a poet and obtain blogging rights, contact the blog founder Imran Nakueira, be sure to send two sample poems and an Email Adress.

Being a charity project, poets will not be paid for any of their works published in the final edited collection. Poets with works appearing will however be credited for their work and, of course, receive at least one copy of the final publication. No poems will be reprinted without the permission of the poet. More info about the final publication will be layed out at the appropriate time. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smoky Mirrors

Laughter trills,
but an echo of sorrow deep.
A brilliant smile,
Beneath waves of despair.
Twinkling eyes,
flashes of saddness
The painted face the world sees

Is there but one,
to see past the colors?
Must I remain,
alone in the depth of my sorrow,
but laughter show?
will one see what is,
A face i paint for all.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Iam just an island lost at sea,
drifting away day, after day
With no one to hold,
to hold me
My tomb holds treasures deep,
To the heart of my soul.
Search for me,
so i can be whole again,
In paradise,
where the suns' kiss
warms my heart to life

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Proposal

Do you remember?
That night we first kissed
Soothing our aching lips,
With a love so undeniable
And for a while,
Time stood still, witnessing
The eternity of our love

Do you remember?
That night my dear,
When our hearts thawed
With a love, that burns,
Like a fire in moonlight
And the envy of the cold night
Couldn’t conquer,
Our tender warm embrace

Do you remember?
How like a child,
You lay on my chest
My loving hands held you
Keeping you ever close,
Till the early golden sunrays,
Walked on your gorgeous face,
And I woke in disbelief,
Of having spent a night
With an angel by my side.

If you do remember,
How beautiful a love
We shared,
Then my priceless princess,
Take this ring,
Do me the honor,
Of being my wife


© I K Nakueira

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Love, Lies and Rhyme

She had a face, meant to smile,
Her curves, draped in clothes of style.
He won her with his natural vibe,
But she wasn’t really into the poetic type.
He should have waited awhile,
But he fell like a hunted whale;
With a big heart and a big splash,
Shamelessly, spending his hard-earned cash
He ran broke,
Trying to make it work.
Trapped in the pursuit of a never-ending love,
Love that in the end,
Had to come to a poetic end.

He caught her lying, about her age,
Yet this did not ignite his rage.
He caught her lying about where she’d been,
But chose to ignore what he hadn’t seen.
Then, he caught her lying, under another man!
Another man!
Her legs parted by another dick, with a dick.
He snapped like a bloodthirsty tick,
His mind clogged with the smoke of fury,
He could barely hear her say sorry…

"You broke my heart! I break your heart!
I caught you lying! I’ll catch you dying!
This is my story. it has to rhyme
It has to rhyme"
He reached the drawer in no time
Let rage write her last verse
Click!....through her chest… click!
He relocated her to the past tense...
His mind no longer thick,
He caught her lying, in a pool of her blood
Knelt and held her as he would
Crying, sobbing, weeping in shame,
"It had to rhyme, …it had to rhyme…"

© I K Nakueira

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Political Defense

I was misquoted.
This is political persecution.
I have never taken a bribe.
I was misquoted.
This is political witch-hunt.
There are no missing funds.
I just borrowed the funds.
I was miscounted.
The bribe was not corruption.
I just borrowed the missing borrowed funds.
I borrowed the bribe.
This is political witch-hunt of borrowed funds
The corruption was misquoted.
Coruption!, What corruption?

© I K Nakueira