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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

in that order

this just came to me. uncut, unedited version.
lemmi try to read the scribbles in my note book.

breath, you, in...
musky, woody, scent
breath, you, in...
i find heaven between your neck and shoulder

trickling down the arc of my back
blowing through the folds of my ear lobe
hot air
in that order

the wetness, let it pour
salty, sticky
sex funk

breathe, you, in...
the oil i put in your hair
the chap stick on your lips
the cologne you spray between your neck and shoulder
i truly find heaven between your neck and shoulder
the spot at the back of your neck,
when i touch, you shudder

breath, you, in...
musky, woody, scent

your chest, your core
so much than the physical
your heart beats for me and you
your hands, keepers of my heart
your finger tips...
"i can't breathe"
your finger tips

that butt!
those legs,
those legs and those feet,
that bring you to me
every time
last month and week,
yesterday and tomorrow,
those legs that find their way to me

"look at me"
breath, you, in...
musky, woody, scent

the wetness
let it pour
salty, sticky

kindred spirits
sex on fire

i find heaven, between your neck and shoulder.