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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Room Full Of Spanish Man

There they stood in the most appealing essence
Lik mere cats basking in the sun, they conveyed presence of regal poise.
They wore suits of all kinds; alluding to their gallant nature and sense of style.
The smell of their opulent cigars left me enticed to their saccharine Spanish tongues.
I could smell the scent of their expensive cologne as they gait across the room with the posture of a tango dancer.
I took an attentive look at a few but only one turned my heart into a pulp and my mind barren.
Gestures offered by his aura facincted me.
His opulent and prominent affiliation magnified the valiant image he portrays.
Our eyes locked then he came towards me with that swayed walk.
I gazed away not to reveal how his presence enthused me.
"Armando Duran, ¿puede me da siéntese"
I looked at him with utter confusion.
He pointed at the chair next to me and then I understood what he meant, so I replied; "Yes, Yes..."
My heart exceeded its normal speed; this was fatal attraction.
I could make conversation but where would I start, I knew not a word of Spanish.
He held out his hand for mine, "¿cómo te llamas...Your name...?"
"Oh! Ha-ha! (smile) Linda...Linda Phakedi."
Attemptin to pronounce my surname, I politely averted the conversation.
"Spain...? Are you from Spain?"
"No...No er; Argentina.
"We continued onto a troutous but interesting dialogue until it was almost break of dawn.
He even taught me how to do the Flamingo Tango;
I always had a certain thrill for ballroom.
Never had I imagined I'd one day be lead across a dance floor by a Spanish man.
En Un sitio para lleno o de español mano.
(A room full of Spanish men).

Copyrights(c). (2009)CLK PHAKEDI. All Rights Reserved.

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