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Monday, August 10, 2009

Beat The Bullet

I would not do as they asked,
I refused to continue being oppressed.
They gave me a count till three...
I tried to run, but I couldn't beat the bullet.
He told me to get out of my car,
He told me to hand over my keys,
I was just reaching for the seat belt...
He blew a hole into my neck, I couldn't beat the bullet.
I could no longer live a lie,
I couldn't bare to see my children cry,
I turned to reach for my bags...
He ended all our lives, I couldn't beat the bullet.
On my way to bed, ready to end my day.
I had just lay my kids to bed, men in black masks broke down my door...
The alarm was just a step away, but I couldn't beat the bullet.
I usually keep it in the safe,
I was going to put it away, He shot his sister in the chest.
She would be breathing today, but I couldn't beat the bullet.
They came to fight the crime, They came to revive the money.
She had just started saying ''mama''.
It wouldn't have gone straight through her head...
if I had just beat the bullet.
I loved her so much, I would do anything for her.
I promised her the world, I said I would even take it for her,
but I wouldn't beat the bullet.
They were out for revenge,
They were ready to kill!
They put me to my knees and the gun to my head.
I begged and pleaded with them, but not even that could beat the bullet.
Tossing and turning all night long.
Ranting and raving in my mind.
It was more than a nightmare,
something I could not explain.
Woke up in terror but happy I was still alive...
even though I STILL couldn't beat the bullet.


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