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Poet!K Flavour is a blog for upcoming African poets to share their work with the world. The blog features poems on Africa, life, nature, friendship, Love,...and everything that people care about.

This year, the best poems featured on this blog will be compiled and published in a single poetry book and the proceeds from sold copies shall be donated to charity within Africa.

This is a project for charity, get involved, join as a poet, tell friends, post comments, follow this blog,…take a step to solving the problems in your society….if you believe that Africa is not as it should be, join Poetik Flavor, the journey begins here!

To join as a poet and obtain blogging rights, contact the blog founder Imran Nakueira, be sure to send two sample poems and an Email Adress.

Being a charity project, poets will not be paid for any of their works published in the final edited collection. Poets with works appearing will however be credited for their work and, of course, receive at least one copy of the final publication. No poems will be reprinted without the permission of the poet. More info about the final publication will be layed out at the appropriate time. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Trees

In the school i was,
There lived two trees
Lovers of their lives,
and each other
They caressed their leaves,
in the courtship dance of the wind.
Leaning to each, and yet,
too shy to talk
the language of love
Pulled together by attraction,
too strong to resist.
The wind , conspirator to their love.
Pushing for their branches to touch,
First tentatively, then boldly
as lovers meeting by night,
making promises never to part

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